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Your External "In-House Counsel – General Counsel"

Brooks has developed a specialized local and global network of lawyers and resources available on demand to assist our clients’ legal needs. Our services can be used as an alternative to in-house counsel, as additional support for existing in-house counsel or to manage external counsel.

By using our “on demand” resources, our clients benefit by having access to experienced senior lawyers with a wide range of skills which would otherwise be cost prohibitive if used on a dedicated full time basis.

For over 20 years, Brooks has acted as external in-house counsel to start-ups and mature companies which include, Soho VFX, Cogsdale Corporation, OrderDynamics, SiteScout, MPartners and many more.

While acting as your external in-house counsel we are available on demand and can operate from our own offices or attend at our client’s offices, as necessary. Our services include:




They act as a part of my firm

“Ricky's law firm offers a unique experience for business owners such as myself. They act as a part of my firm as if they were an internal legal team. Ricky is regularly reaching out to me during the year, playing an active role in managing the legal side of my business. Over the five years that I've dealt with Ricky and his firm, they have provided me with advice in areas such as Corporate Law, Human Resources, and Partnership Agreements, I am very satisfied and would recommend Ricky.”

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